The Beach & The Prom

The Seaside beach lies on the edge of the mighty Pacific Ocean just 18 miles south of where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific. The Necanicum River, which runs directly through Seaside, flows into the ocean on the northern edge of town and the popular hiking destination, Tillamook Head, towers over the ocean on the southern edge. The coastline stretching from Tillamook bay that runs north past the Columbia River bar has been loosely termed as the “Graveyard of the Pacific.” Unpredictable weather and rocky coastal conditions have caused over 2,000 shipwrecks in this stretch alone. In fact, just 15 miles north of Seaside, the Peter Iredale Shipwreck can still be seen where it washed ashore in September of 1906.

Just steps away from our hotel is the Seaside Promenade, and the Seaside beach. The Promenade, also known as “The Prom” is a 1.5 mile long paved path that borders the beach and ocean. Take a stroll, ride your bike, or stop at one of the many benches and watch some of the most amazing sunsets in the world. Walk the Prom and about halfway through you’ll come across the turnaround. The turnaround was built to help redirect traffic back downtown and is also home to a statue of Lewis and Clark. The statue signifies Lewis and Clark reaching their final destination before “turning around” and heading back home.

On the beach, build a campfire, hop in the ocean, or rent a beach bike. Visit us during the razor clam season and gain access to one of the most concentrated populations of razor clams in the world – all you need is a day permit if you’re not an Oregon resident. Interested in seeing more coastal wildlife? Just walk north from the turnaround and you’ll come across one of the oldest Aquariums on the west coast! Founded in 1937 the Seaside Aquarium is home to multiple harbor seals, and other marine species. You can feed the seals, watch them play, or check out the viewing and touch tanks inside.

While the Seaside Beach is a popular tourist destination all year long, it is also home to some huge annual events. The beach acts as the finish line to the long running Hood-to-Coast Race and is home to the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament – one of the largest beach volleyball tournaments in the world. These events, and others alike, bring in friends and families from across the globe and are just a couple of the things that make Seaside an amazing place to spend your summer vacation. Looking for some traditional 4th of July fun? Seaside hosts one of the largest firework displays on the West Coast. If you’re trying to miss avoid crowds just head north, or south a few miles and you can still see the show as clear as day thanks to its large scale.

Seaside is proud to be one of the few beach towns in Oregon that provides free beach wheelchairs for the public. Those looking to rent a beach accessible wheelchair can call the Bob Chisholm Community Center at 503-738-7393 for more information or to reserve a beach wheelchair. Reservations are free and available on a first-come, first served basis for up to four hours at a time.

Surreys & Paddle Boats in Seaside

If you’ve ever been to Seaside you have likely seen, or been stuck behind, a Surrey. A Surrey is classically known as a “Four wheel, two-seated horse drawn carriage.” Modern day Surreys are modeled after this classic “car” and resemble a four-wheeled, multi-seated bicycle. While it is quite the workout to peddle these around, it is one of the most classic Seaside staples, synonymous with salt water taffy and the beach. In addition to the classic Surrey premier Seaside Rental Company, Wheel Fun Rentals, offers up more ways to get out and explore Seaside. Choose from single, and double cruiser bikes, and electric car (resembling a golf cart) or a moped. They offer something for everyone in the family regardless of age or preference. Check out their website,, to view their entire inventory

Just half a mile up from the Seaside Turnaround and the shore of the Pacific Ocean runs the Necanicum River. The river, named after the Ne-hey-ne-um Indian tribe that once lived on its shores, is 21 miles long and runs down the middle of Seaside. Most often people see it when crossing one of the bridges connecting either side of Seaside where the river splits the town in half. While it’s not a popular swimming area due to the Pacific Ocean being just half a mile away, you can try your hand at fishing out just lounging on its rocky shores. Winter Steelhead are a popular fishing option as the stream has hatchery smolts planted throughout. Keep in mind – you can’t keep the Winter Steelhead but it is fun for the avid sports fishermen. Just make sure you are up to date with local, and state ODFW laws and regulations.

Wheel Fun Rentals, the same company you can rent Surreys from, offers watercraft transportation in addition to its land cruisers. Their primary launch site is located just under the 1st Ave. Bridge, near the Seaside Convention Center. The company offers paddle bikes, swan boats, 4 peddler boats, kayaks, and SUP boards. If you’ve ever been to Seaside you’ve likely seen one of their famous Swan cruisers floating along the river. Most options fall under $30 an hour and are an awesome option for people and families looking for some fun. The water way boaters travel along passes under three bridges and offers up scenic sites including Great Blue Herons, marine life, and whatever else you may come across on shore.

Open seasonally, Wheel Fun Rentals keeps the water crafts available for rent from mid-March – mid-October. Check out their website at to view their hours and rates. The new perspective(s) you will experience while on the Necanicum River will leave you wanting to come back for more during your next visit.


Broadway St. runs down the middle of Seaside coming to an end at the famous Seaside Turnaround where, just down a few steps, the beach and Pacific Ocean lie. Walk up the street and you’ll come across most of what makes Seaside one of the most popular vacation destinations in the state of Oregon. Downtown Seaside is home to some classic beach town treats like salt-water taffy, T-shirt shops, and fun for everyone in the family. Eat some of the Pacific Oceans famous bounty, stop by one of the fun theme shops, or take a spin on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

For as small of a town that Seaside is, the town is only 4.14 sq miles in size, it has three distinct shopping districts to choose from. Downtown Seaside offers up boutique shops, themed stores, and T-Shirt/Seaside Apparel Shops. Stop by the Seaside Carousel Mall and check out one of their 20 shops inside or take a spin on their famous carousel. Side note, the carousel has a variety of 17 animals, and a few double chairs, to choose from. If you’re looking for more nationally known brands, head north to the Seaside Outlet Mall. There you’ll find brands like Nike, Zumiez, Eddie Bauer and more. Driving a Tesla? They have a conveniently located charging station in their parking lot. South of downtown, while the shops are fewer and farther between, offers up some of the freshest Seafood in town as well as some small mom and pop style stores and shops. If you’re traveling to us on Highway 26 North keep an eye out or you’ll miss them! There’s even talks a zipline obstacle course coming soon – how fun!

If you’re looking for some classic beach town fun we highly recommend checking out the Seaside Tilt-a-Whirl. If spinning around in circles isn’t your idea of fun, mini-golf and bumper cars are housed in the same shop. While you’re there grab a pronto-pup – a hand dipped corn dog that is a Seaside staple. Across the street you’ll find the fun photo-op stop Seaside Inverted Experience. Here, they have inverted props that you can snap photos of on your phone/camera that make it look like you and your family/friends are in a multitude of crazy positions. Our favorite of their 8 available themes makes it look like you are being blown sideways down the Seaside Prom. Just down the street from that is one of our favorite spots – The Seaside Funland Arcade. This huge arcade is home to hundreds of new, and classic, games for you to choose from. The in-house pizza restaurant, Fultanos Pizza, is a locally famous chain. Grab a full pie, pizza by the slice, or one of their many beers on tap – you wont be dissapointed.

There are dozens of sweet shops and restaurants the line Broadway alone. There is enough variety to satisfy your entire group so that you may never have to step foot in a car, or leave downtown while you’re here. One of our new favorite spots is the newly restored Times Theatre and Public House. Recently opened in 2018 this cool spot is a Pub, Brewery, and movie theater! When they’re not playing classic, or new, movies you can catch a game or live entertainment. We recommend checking out their website to see what’s showing during your stay.